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Consumer Protection Assistance


The Office of Enforcement includes the Consumer Protection Unit (CPU), a team of investigators who are dedicated to enforcing District regulations in many areas, including but not limited to Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, Unlicensed Business Operations or Operation Beyond the Scope of a License, Unlicensed Rental or Short-Term Rental Activity, Home Improvement Services and Warranty Claims, Trash Noise Complaints, Gas Powered Leaf Blower Prohibition, Electronic Smoking Device Prohibition (within a quarter mile of District middle and high schools, and Flavored Tobacco Prohibition.

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File a Complaint about a Business

Have a complaint about a business? Didn’t get what you paid for? We want to hear from you. DLCP can open investigations where losses total $250 or more, or there is a pattern or practice of abuse.  Be sure to file your complaint within three (3) years of the incident.

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Report An Unlicensed Rental

Let us know if you believe that a residential rental property is operating without the proper license.

Report an Unlicensed Rental


File or Track a Complaint with Professional Licensing

Whether buying a home or hiring a home improvement contractor, it is important to help ensure consumers work with licensed professionals, to prevent fraud or poor workmanship. Please remember that a contractor having a professional license does not guarantee that the contractor will be punctual, courteous, or industrious. Do your research when choosing a licensed professional. Request references and check their online reviews.

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File a Complaint with the Office of Weights & Measures

File a complaint with the DC Office of Weights and Measures if you believe a merchant overcharged you, that you did not receive the quality/quantity; advertised/paid for, or have another complaint.

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Submit a Complaint for Trash Truck Noise

Trash collection by private haulers is prohibited between the hours of 9 pm and 7 am in residential, special purpose, or waterfront zones, or within 300 feet of any of these zones.

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Verify a Basic Business License

Check to see if a business entity has an active license(s). You can search by business name, license number, or address - select “Licenses” and “Business Licenses” to view details.

Verify a Business License


File a Complaint for Use of a Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

The use of a gas-powered leaf blower is prohibited in the District of Columbia.

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To learn more about District leaf blower regulations, please visit our Leaf Blower Regulations page.



File a Complaint About Flavored Tobacco Sales

The sale of flavored tobacco is prohibited in the District of Columbia.

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File a Complaint About Electronic Smoking Device Prohibition

The sale of electronic smoking within a quarter mile of any middle or high school in the District of Columbia.

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