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WEBINAR: Business Foundation Series: The Lean Business Plan

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 Online Meeting (Live)

A good business plan is a roadmap for the full-time business owner and, for those seeking capital, a clear and detailed tool to attract potential investors. The traditional business plan has given way to the “lean business plan” approach. This approach focuses on the most important points of the traditional business plan without extraneous information.
The Business Foundation Series: Lean Business Plan webinar will walk attendees through a lean business planning approach that can be used as an internal roadmap and a vehicle for attracting capital investment. Attendees should have completed the Business Foundation Series: Concept and Assessment session as a prerequisite and have a startup or existing business in place. Attendees are encouraged to get advisory assistance from a DCSBDC business counselor to develop the concept and the lean business plan.

Note: Following your sign up, you will receive an email with registration and logon instructions for WebEx the day before and or the morning of the webinar.