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Community Roundtables For Tobacco Free Kids Series

Tobacco Free Kids Series


The Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection (DLCP) announces a series of community roundtable every Wednesday in May. These roundtables will share with community stakeholders how the enforcement of the Flavored Tobacco Prohibition Amendment Act of 2021 helps prevent youth tobacco use and promotes health equity in the District. 

Various other community partners, including DC Health and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, will speak to other important messages in this conversation such as the dangers of tobacco and electronic smoking devise use, how to best promote youth tobacco prevention and why this act is particularly important to communities of color. 

Additional themes include teaching community members how they can report businesses in their neighborhood that are not in compliance with the law.

DLCP is committed to keeping residents, businesses and visitors safe in the District. Of this Interim Director Shirley Kwan-Hui said, “Our mission is to help businesses and consumers thrive. We safeguard the communities’ ability to thrive through enforcement and compliance. I’m very proud of the impressive action that we’ve taken on the Flavored Tobacco Prohibition which allows us to to keep the most vulnerable like the youth safe.”

Community Roundtable  - May 3 

Community Roundtable -  May 10

Community Roundtable  - May 17 - Youtube Video

Community Roundtable  - May 24

Community Roundtable  - May 31 - Youtube Video