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In observance of the Juneteenth holiday, DLCP will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, 2024. Please see our list of online resources should you need immediate assistance. We will resume normal operations on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

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DLCP Homepage Refresh


Greetings, Everyone!
I'm Tiffany Crowe, Director of the Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection, and I'm thrilled to announce that our eagerly awaited website refresh is finally here, launching this week!
Our dedicated team has worked hard on this project to ensure that our website serves you better than ever before. We've revamped the navigation, bolstered accessibility, and fine-tuned other features based on your valuable feedback. This isn't just a website update; it's a testament to our ongoing commitment to serve the residents of the District.
Whether you're a long-time resident, a budding entrepreneur, or a visitor exploring DC, our aim remains the same: to provide you with a seamless experience when interacting with DLCP. Starting, maintaining, or expanding your business in our vibrant community is now more accessible than ever.
I'm immensely proud of the strides we've made, and I extend my deepest gratitude to each member of our community for their unwavering support and invaluable input. Together, we're forging DLCP into a beacon of trust and reliability for all.
I invite you to dive into our refreshed website today and discover firsthand how DLCP can empower you. Thank you for entrusting us with your needs. Feel free to provide feedback about this, and other initiatives at [email protected].





New DLCP Website! - Watch On YouTube

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Welcome to our refreshed homepage! We are thrilled to unveil our new website, designed to address common complaints from both our valued customers and dedicated staff. Our goal was simple: to create a user-friendly website that is inclusive for everyone and provides content in all of the District's official languages. Here's a summary of the exciting changes we've made:
  1. Enhanced Navigation: We've revamped our navigation bar to make it easier than ever for users to "Do Business" and access "Quick Services." Finding what you need has never been simpler.We've brought important content, such as the Office of Enforcement and Business and Professional Licensing Administration, to the forefront. You'll now find it on our main page banner, ensuring easy access to critical updates. 
  2. Real-Time Translation: Our website is now equipped with a real-time translation feature powered by Google Translate. Language barriers are a thing of the past.. 
  3. Dynamic Carousel: Stay up-to-date with our regularly updated information through our dynamic carousel. It's a visually engaging way to discover the latest happenings. 
  4. Space Finder: Need to find a space? Look no further. Our new feature, "Space Finder," located under the carousel, will simplify your search. 
While some things remain unchanged, they are still essential:  
  • "Upcoming Events" remains at the bottom of the page, ensuring community members can easily access information about board meetings and DLCP's community engagements. 
  • Our live chat feature remains accessible both at the bottom of the screen and as a button under the Carousel on the homepage. Assistance is just a click away. 
In closing, we want to emphasize that this refresh is the result of our diligent efforts, developed in close collaboration with OCTO and shaped by valuable community feedback. Our primary focus remains on improving user experience and accessibility, ensuring swift access to essential information.
As part of our ongoing commitment to efficiency and innovation, we will continuously refine the website with future updates, spotlighting critical information and streamlining operations further. We are dedicated to leveraging technology to better serve the residents and visitors of the District.
Your feedback is invaluable on this journey towards continuous improvement. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on how we can make the website even better. Together, we can ensure that our online platform remains a valuable resource for all. 



  1. Who collaborated on the development of the website update? The website update was developed in collaboration with OCTO (Office of the Chief Technology Officer).

  2. Why did we do this website update? The website update was undertaken with a clear purpose in mind: to address common complaints and improve the overall user experience based on valuable feedback from the community. By implementing these changes, we aimed to create a website that is more inclusive and user-friendly, particularly for non-native English speakers. Our goal was to ensure that everyone can comfortably access information and navigate the site with ease.

  3. How were changes implemented on the website? Changes were implemented based on prioritized community feedback to enhance user-friendliness and intuitiveness. 

  4. What does this update represent for the District? This update represents an ongoing commitment to streamline business operations within the District.

  5. Will the website undergo further enhancements in the future? Yes, the website will undergo continuous enhancements with future updates for improved functionality and user experience. 

  6. How is information placed on the website? To enhance effectiveness, we take great care in strategically positioning critical information on the website. Our goal is to make it highly visible and easily accessible to users. This involves deliberate placement and thoughtful consideration of its prominence.

  7. Can residents and visitors expect additional technological improvements in the future? Yes, the commitment to leveraging technology to better serve residents and visitors remains ongoing, with plans for further enhancements and innovations in the future.