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Occupational and Professional Licensing FAQs

General Renewal Questions

Will licensees receive hard copies of their licenses? 
With the exception of security ID licenses, which will be mailed, occupational and professional licensees will receive their licenses electronically, which will be sent to the email address on used when submitted the application.  
Will I be able to upload continuing education? 
All licensees must complete continuing education requirements during this renewal cycle, however, continuing education uploads will not be required this renewal cycle.   
I was scheduled to take a license exam, but it was canceled due to the pandemic.  How do I proceed and get rescheduled?    
Please contact DLCP for more information on rescheduling an examination. 
My organization license has expired as well. How do I renew? 
With our new application platform, organizations and businesses are able to renew online as well. 
Can a company log in and renew licenses for all employees?  
Individuals, organizations, or the responsible point-of-contact at a licensed entity may renew on a licensee’s behalf. 
Does the individual need to pay or can the organization submit payment for everyone on their roster? 
Organizations will have the ability to renew and pay for the renewal license. 
What documents are required to renew a license?  
Visit to find this information. On the Professional Licensing webpages, under 
“Obtain Occupational and Professional Licenses,” each board or commission is listed along with the corresponding requirements. Additionally, when submitting an application for renewal, requirements are indicated on the application itself. 
If there is a problem, is there a phone number to call? 
You may contact DLCP by calling 202-442-4320. You may also email us at [email protected] or use our online inquiry form.

With the introduction of a new license application platform, is my old information available? 
All of the information contained with our previous system is available to DLCP. 

Are photographs required for renewals? 
Yes, pictures are required of all occupational and professional licensees. It is recommended that you include a recent photo with your application for renewal. 
Does DLCP have the photos that were submitted for previous licenses, or will agents need to submit new ones? 
While we do have photos from previous licenses, we encourage applicants to upload a current photo. 
I have tried to sign up for Access DC, but it will not let me sign in. How can I obtain help? 
Access DC is a single sign-on program that improves the security of DLCP’s online platforms and makes it easier for customers to access all of DLCP’s systems. If you need to sign up for a single sign-on account, please visit You may select “forgot password” if you cannot remember or contact DLCP for additional assistance.  
If the license applications are being submitted by one office administrator, will they have to use the same single sign-in, Access DC account, or is there a different process? 
An administrator may sign on and then use the application platform to submit all license applications. 

Real Estate 

How do brokerages receive the hard copies of licenses that agents have renewed? 
All licensed individuals under that brokerage firm will receive electronic licenses and may print the licenses. 
How can real estate agents who got their license earlier in the year obtain their cards? 
Licensees can contact DLCP to request a duplicate validation of the current license. Inquiries may be made using our online inquiry form, via email at [email protected], or by calling 
How will real estate brokers get their agents’ licenses? 
Real estate licensees will receive licenses electronically, which will be sent electronically to the brokerage email address on file.   
How will brokers know who renewed and who did not? 
You may use DLCP’s license search function to verify the status of any occupational and professional license.


What documents are required for Special Police Officer (SPO) commission renewal?
The Occupational and Professional License webpage addressing Security provides requirement information for renewals.

In the past, Special Police Officer licenses have not identified whether a licensee is armed or unarmed. Will new licenses identify whether a licensee is able to be armed and unarmed?  
Yes, armed and unarmed endorsements will appear when searching online for a licensee status, as well as on the license itself.