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Get Appointed to a Professional Board

How do I apply for a position on a board or commission?

The process starts with you. Send a letter to the Office of the Mayor, Board and Commissions expressing your desire to serve, along with a brief resume. Many boards have similar names, so be sure to state the full and correct name of your board preference, or give us a call at (202) 727-1372. Please send information to: Office of the Mayor, Boards and Commissions, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 302, Washington, DC 20004. You may also phone Board and Commissions at (202) 727-1372, send a fax to (202) 727-2359, or send email.

Your letter should include your name, address, and telephone number(s). You should specify the board or commission in which you are interested, and explain why you are qualified or experienced in the area of the board's activity.

After the appointment process for each board is completed, the resumes are maintained in a database file.

Do I need to have other people recommend me?

It's not necessary. If there are people who would like to express their confidence in you, ask them to send letters of endorsement to the Office of the Mayor.

What happens after I submit my name to the Mayor's office?

Your letter will be acknowledged, letting you know that it's been received.

The staff reads your letter and creates a database file with other candidates for the same board or commission preferences. Any additional correspondence we receive from you or on your behalf is also maintained in your database file. If we need more information, we'll call you.

When it's time for the Mayor to make an appointment to the board, the staff provides geographic, ethnic, and gender composition, as well as statutory limitation of the current board. We also provide information on professional or personal experience either necessary, or preferable, to the board's function.

The Mayor reviews this information as well as a summary of the correspondence received on each applicant, and makes his selections. Candidates and endorsers will be notified of the Mayor's decision by phone or mail.

How do I know if I am eligible to be appointed?

There are legal restrictions associated with most of the seats, which are described in the Boards & Commissions Profiles. The fact sheet on each board will give you an idea if you are eligible for a position. In addition to specific seat restrictions, you must be registered to vote prior to the last general election.

Fact sheets on each board or commission are compiled in our annual Boards and Commissions Profile. This directory is available for review by the public in any of the Mayor's offices and at each Legislative Information Office. Fact sheets are also available by contacting the Mayor's office at (202) 727-1372.

How do I find out about vacancies on a Board or Commission?

Information on upcoming vacancies can be obtained by contacting the Mayor's Office of Talent and Appointments (MOTA) in the Mayor's Office at (202) 727-1372, or researching a Board or Commission directly by visiting our Profile Page.

Do I have to disclose my personal finances if I am appointed to a District Board or Commission?

A small number of boards require that appointees comply with District financial disclosure laws. The fact sheets identify which boards have this requirement by noting "Financial Disclosure" under the "duties" section. It is also a policy of this administration to require that potential nominees sign a waiver form allowing the Mayor's Office of Talent and Appointments (MOTA) to verify compliance with DC tax laws.

Do I need to be a registered voter?

Yes. All appointees must be registered voters prior to the last general election.

Can District employees be appointed to boards and commissions?

Yes. Statutes provide for District employees to be designated appointees to boards and commissions.

Does the member of a Board or Commission receive any compensation?

As a general rule, members are volunteers, but most are entitled to standard travel expenses and/or per diem. For compensation information on a particular board or commission, refer to the appropriate fact sheet.

The District issues 1099s to report certain reimbursements made directly to the member for expenses incurred as a board or commission member. These include such costs as airline fares, mileage and supplies. Per diem is not reported, nor is the cost of airline tickets, if the city purchased the ticket on behalf of a member.

Can I apply for more than one board?

Yes. It's suggested, however, that you prioritize your choices. Additionally, in most cases an individual may only serve on one board at any given time.

Whom do I contact for further information?

The fact sheets will supply most information on a particular board or commission. A more detailed description of the composition, function, and duties of specific boards can be obtained from the board contact person. For more general information about the board process, please contact Process Coordinator at (202) 727-1372.

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